Uncover What Truly Motivates Your
Employees and Improve Retention.

Measurable Insights To Improve Retention of Top Performers

cost: Minimize turn-over related expenditures including: hiring, onboarding and training.

intellectual capital: Minimize ramp up time to peak productivity and ensure transference of knowledge.

Brand promise: Energize advocates to champion corporate brand internally and externally.

The Pollsify Motivation Assessment uncovers employees’ natural motivators and measurable gaps that predict retention risk, job satisfaction, engagement, and corporate citizenship.  

Improve Retention!

Reduce Turnover And Improve Employee Retention Through Motivation

Download this whitepaper and learn how to retain employees by understanding what motivates them at work.

1. Your employees receive the assessment.

The assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and reveals what motivates each employee to perform at their best.

2. You receive detailed reporting on what motivates your team.

Manager level reports reveal what motivates each member of your team. The blueprint report indicates the gap between how your organization currently motivates employees vs. how they’re naturally motivated.

3. Leverage findings to motivate employees during times of change!

You’ll be equipped to begin tailoring roles, aligning teams and optimizing communications. As a result, team members will be naturally motivated to perform.

Discover How the Pollsify Motivation Assessment ensures a more successful change initiative