A New Approach to Engagement & Retention: The Future Leader – Part One

March 26, 2019 by: Matt Johnson

With unemployment now at 3.8%, this is the time for CEOs and organizational leaders to focus more on employee engagement and retention than on recruitment and hiring. It’s far less costly to retain employees than to deal with the ever-increasing costs of recruiting, training, lost productivity, intellectual capital depletion etc.…the Future Leader knows this of course.

When you look at the historical statistics on employee engagement (or lack thereof), it’s easy to see why so many company leaders have raised the white flag. For too long, engagement has been viewed as an annual score, a superficial annual box-checking exercise. The Future Leader, who views engagement as an organizational advantage, understands that engagement is a continual process that requires modern approaches. As such, the Future Leader:

  • Fosters a partnership between marketing and human resources since the employee experience has to align and drive the customer experience and brand strategy (think Disney, Virgin, Zappos)
  • Knows that one-size, fits-all approaches are a waste of company dollars and resources.
  • Acknowledges there is nothing actionable or measurable from having their people poked and prodded with surveys that only serve as ad-hoc team interventions.
  • Understands company culture is built from the bottom-up and not dictated out of the boardroom.


The Future Leader knows that the key to genuine engagement and retention is motivation. Specifically, intrinsic motivation; the kind of motivation that comes from within. Typical leaders attempt to motivate their employees through a carrot and stick approach. The Future Leader knows that our inherent motivators are baked into our DNA. The Future Leaders tell their managers, “stop trying to motivate your people; instead, put them in situations where they are motivating themselves”.

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