A New Approach to Engagement & Retention: The Future Leader – Part Two

Imagine if you knew exactly what ideally motivated every member of your team. Not in an abstract way, but exactly…quantifiably. Imagine that you knew exactly how they felt about their current job and work environment around these motivators. Not what they tell you anecdotally in a performance review or at lunch, but what they actually think and feel in their day-to-day lives in the workplace. Imagine if the gap between their desired motivators and their current perceptions could predict engagement and turnover?

The Future Leader knows that if you align your teams with the motivational elements that matter to them, you can drive discretionary effort to new heights. This type of motivational alignment drives sustainable behavior change. It’s the kind of behavior change that synchronizes with your mission and values.

Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

Until now, organizations did not have access to a diagnostic tool that could identify and measure intrinsic motivation. It’s been a four-year mission of MotiveX to create a scalable solution in which organizations and teams can measure motivation and drive actionable and sustainable behavior change. This leads to greater discretionary effort, team alignment, increased productivity and reduction in turnover. If you could reduce hiring costs and drive productivity and retention, why wouldn’t you? The Future Leader certainly would.

At MotiveX, we didn’t invent motivation, but we have created an easy-to-use motivational profile that offers measurable, actionable insights into the forces that motivate employees. For more information, please visit us @ www.ReviveMotivation.com and email info@motiveXsolutions.com