Does Your Employee Assessment Predict Success?

Assessments are widely used across US-based organizations. And often, critical hiring and retention decisions are made according to the assessment responses. However, before launching a new assessment and making decisions based on its results, some crucial elements must be considered to ensure success.

The following is an excerpt from the whitepaper, Three Questions to Consider Before Selecting an Employee Assessment.

Does Your Employee Assessment Predict Success?

It’s important to know if the assessment’s outcomes are predictive of the employee’s performance and/or success at work.

In the recruitment assessment category, for example, there tends to be a lack of knowledge about the types of assessment methods that research has shown to be most effective for identifying who will perform best on a job.2

Unfortunately, Human Resource professionals often rely on trusted brands of assessments despite not understanding whether the survey provides a useful metric for predicting future success (or lack thereof). If measuring an employee’s cultural fit, for example, cannot determine whether or not they’ll actually perform well in the job, then is such an assessment worthwhile?

Despite prevalent use, personality assessments are among the least effective in predicting job performance, according to research by Frank L. Schmidt, Management and Organizations Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa.3

In addition, while employee engagement assessments provide moment-in-time measurements of a workforce’s energy and interest in both their job and their work context, these types of assessments do not provide an effective prescription of what needs to be done in order to increase performance and engagement. As a result, while the employee engagement assessments have been linked to the performance of an organization, the key to using them as a means for improving engagement, and therefore organizational performance, remains a mystery.

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