Don't Resort To Guessing What
Motivates Millennials

Uncover What Motivates Millennials

Find out which millennial employees are:

Team Oriented: Motivated by a sense of connection to their coworkers and by the opportunity to collaborate in teams.

Value Oriented: Motivated by jobs that reinforces their own values and by an organizational mission that they truly believe in.

Innovation Oriented : Driven to experiment with new ideas, work on innovative projects, and have their creative interests supported.

The MotiveX Assessment reveals employees’ underlying motivators, regardless of their generation

Uncover What Motivates Millennials!

Learn More About Motivating Millennials

Download this whitepaper for secret truths about motivating Millennials, plus how to motivate the many generations that make up your modern workforce.

1. Your employees receive the assessment.

The assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and reveals what motivates each employee to perform at their best.

2. You receive detailed reporting on what motivates your team.

Manager level reports reveal what motivates each member of your team. The blueprint report indicates the gap between how your organization currently motivates employees vs. how they’re naturally motivated.

3. Leverage findings to motivate employees during times of change!

You’ll be equipped to begin tailoring roles, aligning teams and optimizing communications. As a result, team members will be naturally motivated to perform.

Discover How the MotiveX Assessment Extends Millennial Retention