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By Discovering Employees’ Intrinsic Motivators, We Help Your Organization Align & Thrive

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An Opportunity To Uncover What Motivates Employees

“Our passion is empowering leaders with insights that drive human performance.”

We designed the MotiveX Index to reveal how your employees are inherently motivated. This empowers leadership to leverage groundbreaking insights to enable employees to perform their best.

As a result, companies can close the gap between what they think motivates employees vs. what actually motivates them.

Our Beginnings

Six leaders in the employee motivation, human psychology, and technology industry joined together with one goal: To transform how organizations approach motivating employees.

Headquartered in the Philadelphia area, MotiveX is built upon decades of behavioral science and organizational psychology research.

Our experience, research and findings prove that intrinsic motivation is the foundation and trigger of successful businesses.


We created the MotiveX Assessment because:

  • You seek a solution that uncovers INSIGHTS on what actually motivates your employees.
  • You want to UNDERSTAND how to effectively communicate and drive productivity.
  • You genuinely want to CONNECT with your employees and place them in the optimum position to thrive.

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  • Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.
    - Dale Carnegie Institute

  • “Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes”
    - Benjamin Franklin