How to motivate people during times of change

In Times Of Change, These Five Things Cost You Millions

Understanding what motivates your employees can significantly mitigate the immense resistance to organizational change. These vital insights guide leaders to successful change and preserving the legacy of the organization.

By understanding employee motivators, change initiatives become more successful when leaders within your organization implement these five things:

1. Successful Change Lies Within Employees
Change management imperatives that are decided upon in the C-Suite prohibit frontline ownership. With a deep understanding of employee motivators, leadership can empower employees to embrace change

2. Employee Point Of View 
Empathizing with the employees’ points of view allows leaders to to leverage valuable insights into cultural alignment.

3. Early and Often
Organizations need employees at all levels to participate in change-related decisions. In doing so, employees will feel valued, considered, and motivated by employers who place a priority on soliciting their input during the change management process.

4. The Change Fatigue Effect
With the high frequency of change, employees of even the most innovative organizations often experience fatigue. Stability-oriented workers are especially prone to motivational drain during these times. Identifying these groups and proactively communicating positive aspects of change initiatives is critical.

5. Identify The Change Champions
Success occurs when leaders identify champions of change within the organization and empower managers to enlist those individuals to help implement the change.

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